Louis van Uden Appointed CEO of the Nordeon Group

Louis van Uden Appointed CEO of the Nordeon Group


UTRECHT Netherlands –  The  Nordeon  Group,  one  of  the  world’s  fastest  growing  lighting  companies  founded  in  2012,  has  further  strengthened  its  leadership  foundation.  Within just four years, Nordeon Group has developed itself into a full service, diverse portfolio global lighting company, operating at the forefront of technology, development, design, and services.

With its brands, Griven, Hess, Vulkan, Lamp Lighting, Schmitz, WILA and Nordeon, it caters to a wide range of lighting requirements. The  collective  know-how  regarding applications,  technology,  design,  specifications  and  adaptation  makes  the  Nordeon Group a true full-service partner for lighting professionals across the  globe.

To consolidate this dynamic development, both at a strategic and operative level, and to  continue  to  strengthen  the  market  position  of  the  Group,  the  Nordeon  Group  is arranging its management team.

Patrick van Rossum, chairman of the Nordeon Group commented,  “Over the past four years,  Nordeon  Group  under  Pierre  van  Lamsweerde’s  leadership,  has  done  a tremendous  job  in  establishing  itself  as  a  leading  world  class  professional  lighting company.  To  take  the  business  to  the  next  level,  we  have decided  to  further strengthen the Group’s leadership structure.”

Part  of  this  has  been  the  appointment  of  Louis  van  Uden  as  CEO  of  the  Nordeon Group  as  of  July  1st  2017  replacing  Pierre.  Van  Rossum  said,  “Louis  van  Uden  has been  instrumental  in  re-establishing Vulkan  as  a  leading  outdoor  urban  area  lighting business.  Following  this,  he  has  revitalized  Hess  in  its  home  markets  and  restored  it  to its former glory as one of the world’s leading decorative outdoor lighting companies. With a proven track record, he is the perfect fit for this role.

To further support the Group’s leadership team in setting its strategic agenda Nordeon Group has appointed an advisory counsel.  We are proud to have been able to attract Doug Herst as  its  first  member.  Doug  developed  US  based Peerless  Lighting  into  a leader  in  the  specification  market  for  architectural  indoor  lighting  before  selling  his family  business  to  Acuity  Brands.  He has a strong affiliation for technology,  and amongst others, Doug sits on the board of Lumenetix.

Doug  Herst  will  be  joined  by  former  Nordeon  Group  CEO Pierre  van  Lamsweerde. Pierre,  who  has  been  at  the  helm  of  the  Nordeon  Group  from  its  inception  and  has invaluable industry and company knowledge.

For more information visit: www.nordeon-group.com.

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