Low-Cost Solar Power, Day and Night

Low-Cost Solar Power, Day and Night


Sunnova Energy Corporation announced the launch of PowerStackTM, its new solar+storage plan that maximizes a home’s solar energy use.

PowerStackTM, a solar+storage service plan, was designed to answer the residential customer demand for low-cost, clean power both day and night. The solar+storage system is customized to the homeowners’ needs based on their average annual energy consumption.

PowerStackTM allows the customers to produce, store and consume all the power generated by the solar system, covering most of the customers’ everyday energy needs. For those times when customers need extra power the solar+storage system can’t provide, the home’s electricity will be drawn from the utility since the system remains interconnected to the grid.

“In addition to being the natural evolution of residential solar, PowerStackTM allows us to continue on our promise of giving customers the freedom to choose their energy provider and the power to save with low-cost, renewable energy,” said Jordan Frugé, Sunnova’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Customers are asking for someone to select the best technology for them, and then stand behind the system to make sure they get the service they expected, and that’s what we are offering with PowerStackTM.”

PowerStack™ is available with no money down and low, fixed monthly payments and is backed by Sunnova’s industry-leading service that includes lifetime battery replacement.

“PowerStack™ is designed to meet all of the requirements for the Customer Self-Supply tariff in Hawaii, so initially, it will be available in Hawaii in partnership with Sunetric, one of the leading renewable energy providers in the Aloha State”, Frugé noted.

As part of its 2017 plan, Sunnova will introduce its PowerStack™ solar+storage service plan in additional U.S. markets.

For more information about Sunnova Energy, visit: www.sunnova.com.

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