LSI Increases Efficacy in New Parking Garage Luminaire and Reaches DLC Premium Status


LSI Increases Efficacy in New Parking Garage Luminaire and Reaches DLC Premium Status



LSI Industries Inc. announced that the new Excursion luminaire, designed for use in parking structure applications, delivers an increase in efficacy that achieves DLC Premium performance and brings more value to the customer.

Through improved assembly methods, manufacturing tolerance control, and further process improvements, LSI achieved a significant increase in light extraction making the 3000K – 5000K CCT product meet and/or exceed DLC premium requirements. Choosing to hold lumen output constant to previous levels, the increase in optical efficiency realized allowed LSI to pass on this performance gain in the form of increased efficacy and an average reduction in wattage of 20%.

At the heart of the Excursion is an engineered solution that combines the principles of refraction and total internal reflection with a printed algorithmic optical technology.  The result is an efficient, unique, visually pleasing lighting solution that provides the tailored optical distributions and illuminance levels today’s energy conscious garage and area lighting customers demand.

Further performance benefits are achieved through embedded intelligent LSI AirLink wireless lighting controls enabled by Synapse that allow for zone dimming, daylight harvesting, motion detection, scheduling and more, while advancements in design provide attractive, low profile and contemporary features ideal for lower ceiling environments. These qualities place Excursion in the top tier for the parking structure industry. University and national airport customers, including the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, have implemented the luminaire to refine illumination and enhance architectural appeal.

“Very few products in the parking structure market today can deliver this level of performance and architectural appeal. Excursion launched in the spring of 2018 and quickly gained market recognition. Less than six months later we’re further enhancing the value for the customer through continuous improvements in manufacturing and design processes that are allowing us to quickly review our products and release additional benefits to the marketplace,” says John Bagwell, senior vice president, product management for LSI Industries.

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