LSI Industries Launches New Commercial Parking Garage Luminaire

LSI Industries has launched a new commercial LED fixture for parking garage and various canopy applications.  Ideal for both new and retrofit construction projects, the company’s new CGC luminaires are edge-lit and feature sleek, low-profile (less than 3.5 inches in height), circular housing with no visible hardware or heat fins. 

“Our new CGC commercial parking garage fixture is among the most attractive and affordable lighting products for its intended applications,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Marketing Officer of LSI Industries.  “Its edge-lit optic design produces low glare, non-pixelated illumination that will be appreciated by parking garage employees and drivers alike.”  

LSI’s new commercial parking garage fixture delivers Type 5 uniform illumination with output levels of 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 lumens – each at a 4,000K color temperature.  In addition, the new luminaires can be configured with a hidden microwave sensor for motion detection.  The sensor defaults to 100 percent light levels, but drops to 30 percent when motion is not detected for 15 minutes – helping to conserve energy without sacrificing the safety and security that lighting provides.  In addition, the new product is compliant with Design Lights Consortium (DLC) premium standards, allowing customers to qualify for energy rebates.  It is also compliant with California’s Title 24 energy conservation requirements.

Edge-lit fixtures, such as LSI’s CGC and Excursion parking garage luminaires, differ from other light sources in that they produce illumination from the sides, not the back.  This makes them extremely thin and lightweight, which allows them to be mounted in a variety of applications.  A single electrician can easily install LSI’s new CGC fixtures directly to a junction box or a stem accessory.  The new luminaires are available in bronze, gray and white finishes, and most configurations can be shipped within 10 business days after an order is placed.  Product specifications and data sheets are available in the lighting products section of the company’s website at

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