Lucifer Lighting Introduces Elegant New Monopoint Luminaires with Alumina Finishes for Hospitality, Residential Applications 

Lucifer Lighting has expanded its offerings with new, adjustable Monopoint fixtures which are now available with Alumina™ anodized aluminum finishes. These new Monopoint luminaires encapsulate the pristine, beautiful and minimal design aesthetic characteristic of Lucifer Lighting.

Lucifer’s new Monopoint fixtures (CM1 2.6” and CM2 3.25”) have been developed with adaptability in mind. They can either be ceiling or wall mounted with a stem specifiable up to 1’, and three mounting means enhance their versatility: zero-sightline, a junction box mounting plate, and a ceiling mount junction box. However, their true differentiability rests with their ability to be tilted with a full 90 degrees of adjustability in the field, i.e. rotation and room-side hot aiming from nadir to 90 degrees. This is achieved via a concealed, inventive “J-shaped” elbow on the stem concealed within the housing of the fixture. 

“The Monopoint has a vertical stem which appears to be aimed only straight down, but in fact it has a concealed mechanism for adjustment laterally,” explains Gilbert Mathews, Lucifer Lighting Founder & CEO. “The distinctive industrial design will draw smiles and delight.”

For both the CM1 and CM2 Monopoints, Lucifer has introduced five new anodized aluminum finishes with either brushed metal or matte surface treatments. These new options are in addition to standard powdercoated options or custom RAL matching; they include Obsidian, Dark Patinated Bronze, Light Patinated Bronze, Aged Aluminum and Cast Brass body finishes.

The new Monopoint fixtures are installed at the Lucifer Lighting San Francisco showroom for in-person viewing by appointment. More details on the new offerings can be found at:

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