M20 Lighting from PQL: Turning Dreams into Reality

M2O Lighting is turning dreams into reality with their Ronde and Circa2

M2O architectural from PQL is poised to light up the industry with their innovative Ronde and Circa2 fixtures. These visually creative products combine unparalleled customizability, cutting-edge technology, and convenient accessibility, ushering in a new era of lighting design.

The Ronde: Where Vision Meets Versatility – M2O’s Ronde represents a fusion of vision and versatility, offering architects an unrivaled canvas to bring their dreams to life. With state-of- the-art acoustic and color tuning capabilities, the Ronde allows for tailored lighting experiences, seamlessly blending with any architectural concept.

Customizability is the prominent attraction of the Ronde, providing architects the freedom to fine-tune lighting elements according to their precise specifications. This level of personalization allows architects to create spaces that resonate with their unique design aesthetic, ultimately enhancing the overall atmosphere and functionality of a project.

Circa2: Quick Ship Access with Uncompromised Excellence – In addition to the Ronde fixture, is the Circa2, a product designed to address the need for quick project turnarounds without sacrificing quality. The Circa2 is a testament to M2O’s commitment to delivering excellence on demand. Boasting off-the shelf availability, this fixture ensures that architects have immediate access to premium lighting solutions, expediting project timelines without compromising on quality or design integrity.

“With the Ronde and Circa2 fixtures, we’re not just providing lighting solutions, but a pathway for architects to manifest their vision with precision and speed,” says Patrick James, National Sales Director at PQL. “These fixtures represent a culmination of our dedication to innovation, quality, and the seamless integration of technology and design.”

By offering unprecedented customizability through the Ronde and rapid accessibility
with the Circa2, M2O empowers architects to turn their boldest visions into reality.

For more information call 800-323-8107 or visit: www.pqlighting.com.

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