Masque Revive Wall Plate Covers from TayMac

Masque Revive Wall Plate Covers from TayMac


Masque® Revive™ Wall Plates from TayMac provide an easy way to create an all new look for worn or discolored outlets and switches. These Device Cover-Up plates allow consumers to renovate homes without re-wiring. TayMac, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to industrial, commercial and residential markets.

TayMac’s extension of the Masque product line can improve the appearance of a room in seconds. Contractors or Do-It-Yourselfers simply remove old wall plates and install new Revive covers in decorator styles. The patented design completely covers old outlets and switches to provide enhanced aesthetics and durability.

Revive cover-up plates save time and money. The product line includes single gang, 2-gang or 3-gang models. The PVC material resists wear and tear, won’t crack or distort during installation. Suitable for use in residential and commercial applications.

TayMac Masque Revive cover-up wall plates are available now. Find more information at:

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