MaxLite introduces Innovative M Series Product Family for Outdoor Lighting Market

MaxLite announces the launch of the M Series product family, which provides
tremendous versatility for outdoor lighting applications. M Series is an innovative product that
covers three categories with one design solution. It is well suited for design-build, architectural,
commercial, value engineering and government projects, as well as some stock and flow

The M Series is a modular design and is able to combine common components to create
the exact model needed for various applications. Instead of making changes in the field, the
factory can quickly cater the fixture with simple changes to mountings and lenses, without the
usual long wait times for made-to-order items. M Series is available in 9 wattages, 4 housing
sizes, 6 mountings and 7 lenses. A single housing thrives as either an Area, Flood or Wall fixture
depending on the optics and mounting selected. M Series also has a small form factor for easier
handling and installation.

The standard product is CCT selectable and controls ready, enabling the customer to
choose from 3 color temperatures and the option to field install c-Max Basic or c-Max Network
sensors and nodes, to provide a standardized control solution that works with all the fixtures
across the entire project.

“M Series offers a great value proposition to our customers. The concept is simplicity for
the customer with one look and design that scales across a variety of outdoor application needs,
all at a competitive price, standard lead time and offering a 10-year warranty,” said Stephen
Entrekin, director of outdoor products at MaxLite.

The patent-pending c-Max plug-and-play design enables customers to save energy by
using basic features, such as an on/off photocell, bi-level motion sensing and high-end trim or
network features, such as wireless grouping, scene setting and scheduling. Best of all, the
customer can upgrade their controls as technology advances without changing the fixtures. The
product line is also able to accommodate third-party controls using a NEMA twist-lock
receptacle or factory-installing Avi-On controls.

“M Series’ design modularity along with its award winning architectural aesthetics and
successful integration of luminaire level lighting controls offers significant project flexibility to
our customers and makes it a good choice for design-build solution providers, specifiers,
engineers and distributors,” said Umesh Baheti, senior vice president of product, engineering and
supplier relations. “The modular design enables improved service and reduced lead time. All M
Series products are TAA qualified and make a great choice for government projects.“

To learn more about the innovative product family, visit:

MaxLite introduces Innovative M Series Product Family for Outdoor Lighting Market

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