MaxLite Launches LED Spot Light as Advanced Lighting for Horticulture Applications

MaxLite Launches LED Spot Light as Advanced Lighting for Horticulture Applications



MaxLite announces the PhotonMax Spot Light as the first in a range of high-performance LED grow lights designed to optimize crop production in greenhouses and other controlled horticulture applications.

Through innovative product design and engineering, the PhotonMax LED Spot Light (PH-GH Series) can match applications where a traditional 1000W HID fixture is used, but in a smaller form factor that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. Emitting up to 1,358 µmol/s with outstanding electrical efficiency (up to 2.3 µmol/J), the LED Spot Light produces consistent, high quality light using 40-50% less energy than conventional HID light sources. The Spot Light is available in PPFs of 714-790 µmol/s (360W) or 1,233-1,358 µmol/s (600W), and four spectra tailored to achieve higher yields and higher quality in a variety of crop types.

Designed with a small footprint that minimizes the effects of shading, the Spot Light is space-optimized with a slim profile that measures just five inches high, and a sleek, curved cover that prevents accumulation of dust and debris. The grow light also has a built-in active cooling system that delivers advanced thermal management. The Spot Light is UL listed, and IP66 rated to withstand watering and other rigors of commercial-scale growing environments.

“MaxLite has dedicated significant time and resources into positioning itself as a leader in the horticulture lighting market,” said Paul Gray, senior director of horticulture sales. “The release of the new LED Spot Light fixture is a testament to those efforts. High performance standards and exceptional quality are a must for successful crop production, and 2019 is going to be a year where many in the industry will experience how MaxLite is setting the new standard for the horticulture lighting market. We are looking forward to seeing the success we know this fixture will bring to growers, and to building on that momentum with additional products being released this year.”

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March 8, 2019
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