Milwaukee Delivers Better Protection & More Comfort with New Safety Helmets

Milwaukee Tool adds to their Personal Protective Equipment lineup with the highly anticipated introduction of Milwaukee® Safety Helmets available in Front Brim and No Brim styles, and in Vented (Class C) and Unvented (Class E) options. The new Helmets provide better protection and more comfort than other options currently available.

“With more than half of fatal work-related traumatic injuries resulting in falls, workers are becoming more aware of the dangers of slips, trips, and falls. For that reason, there is a growing trend in helmet adoption by general contractors and sub-contractors because helmets offer side protection whereas traditional hard hats only include the top of head protection,” said Zach Richman, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Unfortunately, some helmets on the market today often sacrifice safety for comfort and style (and vice versa). With our new Safety Helmets, you don’t need to make that trade-off, as they provide a high level of both safety and comfort.”

The Milwaukee® Safety Helmets are designed to give users better protection by offering protection from both top and side impacts. The helmets are BOLT™ compatible with four BOLT™ accessory slots and two universal accessory slots, allowing users to adapt to their jobsite and easily attach additional personal protective equipment and accessories. Additionally, the helmets include a BOLT™ Headlamp Mount that is suitable for most headlamps and a BOLT™ Marker clip so users can attach and easily access pens, pencils, and markers. 

Each helmet is constructed with a comfortable padded suspension that includes an adjustable swinging ratchet for quick adjustment and better comfort. The climbing style helmet also has a comfortable fitting, adjustable buckle chin strap for security.

The new helmet is designed with an anti-microbial sweatband and helmet liner that prevents odor and bacteria build up and can be removed to be machine washed.

The safety helmets are ANSI type 2 and meet energy absorption capacity clauses (front), (side), and (read), and Retention System clauses 4.3.3 (Strength) and 4.2.4 (Effectiveness) of EN12492:2012. They are offered in 7 colors.

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Milwaukee Delivers Better Protection & More Comfort with New Safety Helmets

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