Milwaukee Introduces Industry’s First Motorized Torque Wrench, Delivering 50% Faster Electrical Installations

Milwaukee Introduces Industry’s First Motorized Torque Wrench, Delivering 50% Faster Electrical Installations

Milwaukee Tool is proud to unveil the industry’s first motorized torque wrenches, delivering increased productivity, precise torque accuracy, and advanced reporting functionality. The M12 FUEL™ 3/8” and 1/2” Digital Torque Wrenches w/ ONE-KEY™ deliver 50% faster installation times, replacing hand tools or the traditional two-tool installation processes and providing more accuracy to reduce the over-torqueing of fasteners. In addition, these tools enhance the overall torque reporting experience by generating torque data and customizable reports for inspectors and owners through One-Key™. 

“Electricians have a responsibility to install conductors and make connections according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Unfortunately, though, it’s commonplace for many electricians to tighten connections in one of two ways: (1) Using an impact and then a torque wrench or (2) Manually ratcheting a torque wrench to get to the target value. These processes aren’t only time-consuming, but they can also lead to overly-tightened connections or even repetitive motion injuries over time for users,” said Eric Rusch, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “The M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrench w/ One-Key™ increases productivity during the overall torqueing process by delivering faster, more accurate connections and a reporting experience all performed on the tool.”

These tools combine a POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor and a digital torque wrench into one tool to deliver up to 50% faster installation times, with precise torque accuracy of up to ±2% CW, ±3% CCW of full scale for torque critical fasteners. 

The Process: Step 1: Set the torque target by application; Step 2: Pull the trigger to max RPM. Tool will automatically stop prior to target torque to prevent over-torqueing; Step 3: Finish by hand to reach target torque.  The tool will notify the user is the proper torque was applied through sound, vibration, LED lights, and an on-screen notification; Step 4 (Optional): Press “Save” to record the final torque event.

Reporting: “To prove proper connections in accordance with the NEC, recording of the final torque event is critical. Traditionally, this has been done manually via paper or similar time-consuming process. Additionally, some electricians are often forced to wait for an inspector prior to making connections to ensure that accurate torque was applied to each fastener – potentially delaying the installation by days or even weeks,” said Rusch. “Compatible with One-Key™ this tool provides simple one-button recording functionality to save the data, and then the ability to customize a report of this data to provide verification for inspectors or engineers – ultimately removing the need to manually record the torque value for each fastener.”

Up to 28,500 torque events can be saved on the tool, and unlimited events can be stored within the One-Key™ app. These One-Key™ reports can be easily customized and organized for the job at hand. In addition, One-Key™ allows users to wirelessly connect to the tool through their smartphone to customize the tool settings, track its location, manage it in their equipment inventory, and lock-out the tool for added security. 

Milwaukee is committed to improving productivity by providing electricians with performance-driven solutions that increase confidence throughout the entire electrical construction cycle. The new M12 FUEL™ Digital Torque Wrenches w/ One-Key™ are fully compatible with the entire M12™ line, now offering more than 90 power tool products, and are a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on investing in game-changing technology that truly delivers breakthrough solutions for users. 

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