Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation Expands Pista Track Family

Belgian lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation is excited to announce the expansion of its North American offerings. The brand has released warm dim technology for Médard 1.7, a compact yet powerful spot extension to the Pista track system. Additionally, the manufacturer’s acclaimed Pista 48V magnetic track rail system has extended to include longer 78.8 inch (2,000 mm) and 98.4 inch (2,500 mm) linear LED offerings, including expansions of the brand’s Pista Night Light and Pista Flaps modules.

Introduced to the North American market in December 2019 as an extension of Pista, Médard 1.7 designed by Basten Leijh, was inspired by the quirky legs of a mantis. The award-winning design is flexible, allowing for light to reach every corner of the room from its place on the Pista track. Médard 1.7 now includes a new warm dim technology, which allows users to control not only the intensity of light, but also the shade and warmth. The fixture is available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and now 3000K to 1800K, with the new warm dim feature.

Available in both white and black finishes, Médard 1.7 stands out for its deliberate and creative design by Leijh, showing how nature inspires experimentation.

Introduced to the North American market in December 2019, Pista, the Italian word for “racetrack,” embodies its name through slim and streamlined design. Unique geometric structures can be created such as the ability to do ceiling-to-wall continuous sections (surface or recessed) thanks to many different connection accessories. A flexible connection also allows users to connect two tracks with a flexible cable to create corner configurations that are larger or smaller than 90 degrees or suspensions of tracks at different levels. Linear LED sections have been the cornerstone of the system which utilizes LED lengths of 19.7 inches (500mm), 39.4 inches (1000mm), 59.1 inches (1,500mm), but recently, there has been a desire for longer, uninterrupted sections. The new lengths of 78.8 inches (2,000 mm) and 98.4 inches (2,500 mm) extend the options for beautiful, long, illuminated lines.

The new 78.8 inch (2,000 mm) and 98.4 inch (2,500 mm) Pista track lengths include all of the iconic features of the classic fixture including innovative qualities like the Pista Night Light and Pista Flaps. The LED lights of the Pista Night Light dim during the day to give off a sleek display and come alive at night for the perfect evening ambiance. This module makes Pista a light fixture in disguise: when the light is on, the black diffuser creates a soft ambient light; when off, the fixture functions as an elegant black, linear accent on the ceiling or the wall. Field-cuttable covers further streamline the design by hiding the inner-workings of the track, resulting in a thin, clean profile.

Similarly, the Pista Flaps modules are included in the new lengths, which feature two thin, elegant flaps on either side of the track that reduce glare and visually extend the appearance of Pista’s slim track profile. Both fixtures are available in a black or white finish.

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Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation Expands Pista Track Family

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