N1 Critical Technologies Is Changing The Power Game With New Lines Of Lithuim-Ion UPS Systems

N1 Critical Technologies Is Changing The Power Game With New Lines Of Lithuim-Ion UPS Systems 


N1 Critical Technologies is putting a new charge in the backup electrical power industry with the introduction of its all new Lithium Ion-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

The Janesville, Wisconsin-based manufacturer has developed a growing set of UPS systems rated from 1KVA to 10KVA, which have expandable run-times of 12+ hours with additional battery packs.

The 13 models that make up the new L-Series and XL-Series use reliable and safety-tested batteries made with Lithium Iron Phosphate. N1 Critical’s battery chemistry is safer, more stable and provides superior thermal operation, allowing its UPS systems to run efficiently in more extreme environments (32º to 140º vs. 32º to 104º for comparable lead acid systems).

With a 10-year to 15-year expected operational life, they last up to three-times as long as the Valve Regulated Lead (VRLA) batteries they are designed to replace, while also using less space, energy and weighing 33 percent less. That makes for a lower total cost of ownership when buying a L-Series or XL-Series UPS from N1 Critical.

“Lead acid-based UPS systems are on the way out, while Lithium Ion systems like ours are the future of backup power supplies,” said N1 Critical founder and Chief Executive Officer Nate Ellsworth. “The benefits of our products are many. They will save companies time, money and hassle from day one after the installation of our systems.”

Additionally, the batteries used in N1 Critical’s products can be discharged more than 1,000 times (vs about 400 discharges for lead-based batteries), while also recharging faster and more efficiently.

“Anyone installing our battery backup systems will appreciate their lighter weight and smaller footprint,” Ellsworth said, noting that the extra space gained from removing older and larger backup systems can be used for other critical building infrastructure. “Installers and users will also appreciate the lower energy use and longer run-times in the event of a power failure.”

Each model in both the L- and XL-Series features online double-conversion technology, which delivers a “clean” and steady supply of voltage to the appliances attached to the UPS, which is critical for sensitive (and often very expensive) equipment.

The models can be both rack- or tower-mounted, and all come standard with SNMP network interface cards and software to manage them remotely. Each has been ETL certified and independently tested to UL standards.

N1 Critical UPS systems also have a limited lifetime warranty on all electronic components and a 10-year warranty on batteries in the L- and XL-Series Lithium Ion UPS Systems. If a UPS fails, simply let N1 Critical Technologies know and a new unit will be sent directly to the customer.

“With our competitive price-point, feature-rich units and wide selection, you simply cannot go wrong choosing an N1 Critical Technologies UPS product,” Ellsworth said. “These aren’t just going to be a game changer. They’re going to be an industry changer. The next generation of UPS systems are here now and are available from N1 Critical.”

For more information, visit: https://lithium-ion-ups.com.


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