NECA and Gocanvas Collaborate to Bring Digital Tools to Electrical Contractors

Creating forms and applications to help ECs digitally transform their business

The National Electrical Contractors Association has entered into a strategic alliance with GoCanvas to create a robust suite of digital applications, designed to help electrical contractors digitally transform their business. This is all part of an effort to help NECA member contractors use digital forms and processes to minimize paperwork and increase productivity.

By using these tools to better understand various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), electrical contractors can gain a competitive advantage through the reduced time, cost, and improved data accuracy stemming from the paperless collection of data. As this suite of applications grows, companies will be able to benchmark their performance against peers, identifying underperforming areas in their business and building a culture of continuous improvement. Current examples of digital solutions available include an attendance reporting app and a flexible safety management solution.

“At NECA, we believe in providing our members with the best possible tools to help them stay successful and competitive in the electrical contracting marketplace,” said NECA CEO David Long. “This strategic alliance with GoCanvas will give contractors the opportunity to take the data they already have and analyze it to make decisions and drive future success in their business plans. These data driven applications and digital forms will help our members stay ahead of the pack.”

“We are so excited about this new alliance with NECA, the pre-eminent association helping electrical contractors throughout the U.S.,” said James Quigley, CEO of GoCanvas. “GoCanvas has been helping businesses navigate the transition from outdated paperwork and manual processes for years. This collaboration will help keep workers safe and deliver innovative digital solutions to contractors, using the efficiency and flexibility of the GoCanvas Mobile Platform.”

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NECA and Gocanvas Collaborate to Bring Digital Tools to Electrical Contractors

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