Nelson Firestop MPS Multi-Plug System Saves Contractors Time

Nelson Firestop MPS Multi-Plug System Saves Contractors Time

The Nelson™ Firestop MPS Multi-Plug System by Emerson is a proven cable and pipe sealing solution, for use in commercial building, wall and floor penetrations, as well as in marine bulkhead and deck applications, offshore platforms and power stations. As convenient as it is cost-effective, it offers fast, simple installation that requires only common hand tools.

The Nelson Firestop MPS Multi-Plug System stops fire from spreading through pipe sleeves or case round openings where cables and pipes carry electricity, potable water, HVAC systems and Internet to the building or ship. To bring a structure back up to its original fire rating after a hole is cut into it, the system creates an airtight seal at the opening, preventing passage of fire, water, gas, sound and blast pressures by utilizing Tecron™ rubber modules that fit snuggly around the pass-through pipes and cables. This helps extend the time needed to safely evacuate a building or maritime vessel in the event of a fire, while also limiting property loss and water damage.

When installing the circular MPS Multi-Plug penetrator, the contractor is afforded the simplicity of a grid format for assigning cables. Each cable is placed between a pair of grooved insert blocks that fit into the MPS Multi-plug penetrator in a modular fashion, with the grid allocating space in a series of squares. Bolts are tightened to compress the blocks against cables and pipes to establish a rigid seal. Interchangeability of the MPS block modules helps the contractor save time and achieve flexibility when firestopping multiple size cables and pipes within a single MPS Multi-Plug system.

Over the life of a building, due to renovations or changes in cabling technology, firestop may need to be removed and replaced. Unlike caulk and mortar, each time a contractor adds or removes a cable within the MPS Multi-Plug System, they do not need to remove and replace the materials. Instead, an MPS block is simply taken out and re-installed with the new cable placed inside it.

In addition to its firestopping capabilities, the MPS Multi-Plug System is widely used in the building industry to secure cables up and down between floors with its cable holding support strength.

Like all Nelson Firestop products, the MPS Multi-Plug System meets or exceeds the most demanding life-safety standards. It complies with ASTM E-814 using the the UL 1479 through penetration fire stop method. Also, because the MPS Multi-Plug System is Made in the USA, it is commonly installed in domestic private and commercial shipping vessels that require approval by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. Emerson is the only domestic supplier of this product type.

MPS Plugs are available in pipe sizes from 2″ to 8″. Each different cable diameter requires a specific size module. For more information, please visit:

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