New HotSpot Plus 70S Newest Addition to Fulham Line of Compact, Universal Voltage LED and Emergency

New HotSpot Plus 70S Newest Addition to Fulham Line of Compact, Universal Voltage LED and Emergency 


Fulham introduced the HotSpot Plus™ 70S universal voltage 70W LED / 7W emergency combination driver at LightFair 2018. The HotSpot Plus 70S is Fulham’s newest compact LED driver to support both conventional and emergency lighting in one, easy-to-install unit.

Featuring some of the most advanced power supply technology in the lighting industry, the HotSpot Plus 70S is comparable in size to non-emergency 70W LED drivers. The Hotspot Plus 70S was developed for installers and OEMs looking for a highly reliable, universal LED driver that would meet state and city safety requirements in a single, compact, all-in-one LED driver. Ideal for luminaire manufacturers where LED driver space is limited, the HotSpot Plus 70S has the smallest form factor available and features universal 120-277VAC input with a maximum of 70W output (programmable constant current output of 350mA – 2400mA /11-55VDC), which means customers can stock a single LED driver for a broad range of fixtures.  The total product size of the 70S, including the 14.4Wh battery, is 1.18 inches wide and 1 inch high, with an overall length of 16.71 inches.

For emergency lighting, the HotSpot Plus 70S features 1W to 7W programmable constant power emergency output that can provide up to 90 minutes of runtime at 7W with a replaceable LiFePO4 battery. The HotSpot Plus has a 12-hour battery recharge time and comes with a red/green self-diagnostic indicator to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.

“The lighting market is changing rapidly so we developed our line of HotSpot Plus products to support both conventional and emergency lighting needs in one LED driver package. This results in the smallest solution possible with less inventory and faster installation because of the reduced wiring,” said Alvaro Garcia, Product Director, LED Emergency and Advance R&D, for Fulham. “The compact design, wide output voltage, and programmability allow Fulham customers to use the HotSpot Plus in almost any new or retrofitted lighting fixture.”

Like all HotSpot Plus units, the HotSpot Plus 70S features 0-10V dimming (1-100 percent) and it can be quickly programmed using Fulham’s SmartSet handheld programmer or SmartSet PC software. The HotSpot 70S will be CEC Title 20 compliant, UL LISTED,CE and ENEC certified. The HotSpot Plus 70S comes with Fulham’s five-year warranty.

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