New Hybrid Cables Power GPON Networks

New Hybrid Cables Power GPON Networks



By including copper in same cable as GPON fiber, high bandwidth data and power can be supplied to numerous users with a single, lower cost option


Optical Cable Corporation (OCC), a pioneer in fiber optics, has recently released a new UL-listed solution for GPON networks called Slimline Hybrid Cables. The cable combines GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks) fiber optic cables with two copper conductors enclosed within the same jacket, allowing external power to essentially be “pushed” from a central location.

The Slimline solution is ideal for commercial applications involving multiple, separated nodes or buildings or where new, data-hungry applications are continually being added to the network.

For enterprise networks, the advantages of GPON are undeniable.  These all-fiber networks cost less to implement than copper, provide unlimited bandwidth potential, and as a passive network, requires much less power. In addition, single-mode passive optical LAN infrastructure will support 10G-PON networks and beyond.

With the addition of power in the new hybrid fiber/copper Slimline cabling, the benefits of GPON networks have never been greater. It further simplifies installation and reduces costs by eliminating the need to run dedicated electric wiring.  It can also be a significant benefit for aging buildings that experience frequent power outages.

In its simplest description, GPON utilizes a single fiber optic strand on which high speed, high-bandwidth data is transmitted in both directions (2.48 GB/s of downstream and 1.24 GB/s upstream).

The Slimline Hybrid cables can contain either one or two strands of single-mode fiber and are UL Plenum rated for use inside buildings, including above suspended ceilings. In addition, they have a very small bend radius and tensile strength almost three times that of traditional category 6 copper cable.

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