New Pedestal Posts Win 2021 NECA Showstopper Award, Reduce “Unknown Variables” on Rooftop Installations

Judges from the National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA) Showstopper panel recently awarded new Rooftop Pedestal Posts as one of the top products at the 2021 NECA Convention. The NECA Showstopper Award is given to new products or services that help electrical contractors solve common problems on the job.

The manufacturer, California-based Orbit Industries, also took home a 2021 Product of the Year award for its Pedestal Posts design; an award given by Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine.      

            The reason for these accolades seemed clear to Joe Gerardo, Sales Engineer for Orbit Industries. According to Gerardo, dozens of contractors have asked him: “Why didn’t someone come up with this years ago?”

            “It’s an industry first,” said Gerardo. “It’s essentially a ‘gutter’ — but used as a raceway. And, they’re listed by UL [Underwriter’s Laboratories] as a NEMA 3R product.”

  “Contractors have made similar solutions like this in the past,” Gerardo continued. “But most were cobbled-together assemblies. And while each component might be listed… together, the assembly might not qualify as ‘listed’ in the eyes of an inspector.”

            While the PP Series offers contractors many time and cost-saving benefits, Gerardo points to one important advantage the Posts have versus in-house prefab solutions:

            “More and more, contractors are looking for vendors that have in-stock, UL Listed assemblies — complete with catalogue numbers and spec sheets.” Gerardo cited the risk of ‘unknown variables’ in project estimates as a major reason contractors should consider ‘standardizing’ on such solutions.

“[The debut of] our Pedestal Posts turned out to be an incredible success,” said David Nikayin, Orbit’s President and Founder. “Almost every contractor that entered our booth had to take a second look. I’m honored that our [Showstopper] award reflects what contractors have been saying about this product – that it’s a truly revolutionary solution to a common challenge in the field.”

About Rooftop Pedestal Posts: Both the 30” and 60” Pedestal Post models consist of two parts: a Base and a Stand (sold separate). Stands are made of hardened, 13 gauge steel, which protects the conductors inside far better (and longer) than tubular raceway. Each stand features 1-gang openings, and include gasketed blank covers. Stands for the 30” model (PP-30-S) include two openings, and feature a 10-32 Ground Screw with 10″ Solid Cu. #12AWG Pigtail (top opening). The 60” Stand (PP-60-S) includes three openings, and features two #1/0-14AWG Double Terminal Lugs (center opening) with four available terminals. These lugs simplify the grounding and bonding of fused and non-fused safety switches.

Square metal Bases for the 30” model (PP-30-B) accept up to 3/4″ conduit. The 60” model Base (PP-60-B) accepts up to 1-1/2” conduit. Each Base includes a pack of four 1/4″-20 bolts for assembling the Stand; and feature four hole provisions for 3/8” anchor bolts or stud anchors (sold by other).

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a privately held, family-owned electrical manufacturer with over 20 years supplying business-to-business electrical services and solutions through a nationwide network of wholesale distributors. A proud member of the NAED and NECA San Diego Chapter, Orbit Industries strives to be “Your Solutions Based Electrical Manufacturer”. Today Orbit operates a West coast and East coast distribution center, as well as a network of stocking representatives nationwide.

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New Pedestal Posts Win 2021 NECA Showstopper Award, Reduce “Unknown Variables” on Rooftop Installations

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