New Perfecta Troffers from SLV

New Perfecta Troffers from SLV

Update existing fluorescent troffers easily.


As part of their robust Big Light 2018 product offering, SLV Lighting is excited to announce the addition of PERFECTA, a line of high-efficiency Center Basket LED Troffers.

Offered in two models, the PERFECTA series easily installs in standard NEMA 15/16” Type G or NFG T-grid systems. The 2×2 model has 26.2 watts with 3200 and 3326 delivered lumens, and the 2×4 offers 38.3 watts with 4699 and 4800 delivered lumens. Both the PERFECTA 2×2 and 2×4 present energy saving solutions for offices, libraries, schools, conference and healthcare centers by producing bright overall clean illumination at lower wattages.

Fixtures are 120V/277V in both a 3500 and 4000 Kelvin temperature. They include 0-10V dimming and are DLC listed and FCC compliant. The PERFECTA Troffers also feature a diffused low-glare removable lens for easy cleaning. Additionally the one piece construction offers bottom fixture access for convenient mounting and maintenance.

SLV features an extensive line of LED products and has emerged at the forefront of energy saving LED technology. SLV Comprehensive LED product line includes dedicated and retrofit downlights, track and rope fixtures, under cabinet, designer pendants and NEW LED emergency/exit signs

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