New PROFAB Service gives Electrical Contractors instant Prefab Capabilities, with Zero Overhead

New PROFAB Service gives Electrical Contractors instant Prefab Capabilities, with Zero Overhead

Orbit Industries, Inc, a family-owned manufacturer started by electrical contractors, is proud to announce its new prefabricated assembly service, PROFAB. Electrical contractors can take advantage of this made-to-order service immediately, with little investment or overhead costs associated with an in-house prefabrication department. Off-site prefabrication services like PROFAB can help contracting firms of any size reduce project duration, safeguard workers, reduce scrap pile costs, and even expand market share.

Orbit dedicated a combined 50,000 Sq. Ft. of space for the PROFAB operation at its distribution centers in Morristown, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California. Having shops on both coasts allows PROFAB to deliver assembled products to jobsites across the country. PROFAB’s end-to-end service offerings can include design and job site coordination, as well as preassembly of electrical support products. Todd Albright, Director of the PROFAB Division, brings more than 20 years of experience managing prefab operations with high-profile contracting firms.

Albright has a keen understanding how PROFAB can meet the needs of electrical contractors big and small, union and independent, in just about every market sector. He and his team avail themselves to walk contractors through their project scope-of-work, and suggest time-saving strategies along the way.

Orbit’s PROFAB Services can include all or some of the following phases:

ENGINEER & QUOTE: when requested, Albright and his team can break down project drawings and recommend prefabricated solutions. PROFAB can use Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) technology to lay out detailed installation points. PROFAB then works with the contractor’s preferred distributor to quote the service package.

UL LISTED ASSEMBLY SERVICE: PROFAB offers a wide variety of electrical assembly services. This can include packaging brackets with attached junction boxes; MC cable or conduit stub attachment; splicing devices; enclosures with custom knockouts; labeling and painting; and preparing ready-to-install switch gear and loadcenter packages. Albright and his team inspect each assembly to guarantee it complies with Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) requirements.

ROOM-IN-A-BOX: Albright and his team work with project supervisors to coordinate product kitting and Just-in-Time delivery. Assembled products get packaged for each room on the construction site. Labels on each package denote the intended room and floor number. Printed identification tags are also included to mark stud frames, and correspond with tags on each product. This allows for fast installation with minimal supervision.

Orbit Industries president (and former electrician) David Nikayin says, “We look forward to growing PROFAB and helping contractors that don’t have shops of their own to realize the breakthroughs of off-site assembly.” Nikayin continues to say, “Firms that do prefab in-house can also use PROFAB for specialized jobs. Or to take on ‘overflow’ work when their backlog is full.”

To learn more about this exciting service, request Orbit’s PROFAB Introduction Brochure by calling 844-909-0695. To request a quotation for prefabrication services, click over to and fill out the electronic form.

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