New Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365 Delivers Reliable Illumination 24/7

Light Efficient Design announced the introduction of its game-changing new line of hybrid solar lighting under the Solera Solar Lighting® Hybrid 365 name. With an intelligent control module, Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365 leverages both solar and line voltage to power bright LED lights 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The proprietary technology automatically switches from cost-free solar power to line voltage only when the fixtures’ exclusive long-lasting battery has fully discharged.

“We developed the Hybrid 365 technology through years of rigorous research and field testing. There are no other products on the market like ours, with an all-in-one solution for the battery, solar panel and LED light engine, and the intelligent control module that automatically switches from solar to line voltage power when necessary,” notes Light Efficient Design CEO Tim Taylor.

Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365 eliminates many of the limitations of existing solar lighting solutions. The fixtures are easy to install, adjust and operate. Owners do not have to sacrifice performance with the Hybrid 365 products, as the lighting is always bright and reliable. Even cloudy areas and businesses that require 24/7 illumination can now enjoy the benefits of solar with the Solera Solar Lighting Hybrid 365, because of its rugged 50-hour battery and its “smart” technology using wired line voltage whenever needed.

CEO Taylor adds, “we are extremely excited to bring Solera Solar Lighting to our channel partners, so that they can be successful with a truly innovative technology that’s both good for their customers’ bottom-line and our planet.”

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