New Thorn Luminaires Make Cities Smarter

 New Thorn Luminaires Make Cities Smarter


Thorn Lighting has launched two new outdoor luminaires ready for smart cities of today and tomorrow. Alumet Stage II and Thor lanterns and bollards combine simplicity and style with wireless connectivity. With the capacity to incorporate smart controls, Alumet Stage II and Thor can take advantage of emerging smart city applications, responding to changes in ambient light levels, temperature and occupancy, and even gathering data to help ease traffic flows, improve safety and save energy. For cities who are looking for the flexibility to upgrade their lighting in future, the luminaires can incorporate sensors and antennas at a later date, making it easy for cities to futureproof their installations.

The newly redesigned Alumet Stage II is closely aligned with other products in the Alumet family, ensuring a consistent look and feel. This stylish column features a cylindrical diffuser containing up to six light modules, with output reaching up to 6,600 lm. Its efficacy is an impressive 80 lm/W, with a color-rendering index (CRI) of 80. Each of the six spots can be rotated 360°, with wide or narrow beam angles. The luminaire is capable of illuminating both horizontal and vertical surfaces, so the same product can now be used to light pathways, public spaces and even façades. This gives users flexibility, allowing comprehensive, integrated lighting schemes to be created for complex public areas, without cluttering the space. The modules are available at color temperatures of 3000K or 4000K, and colored modules can be included. With the RGB/W version different scenes can be created and controlled via a DMX system. With Alumet Stage II, users have the freedom to build their own configuration to suit their particular lighting challenge.

Similarly, the Thor family of lanterns and bollards offer a single design concept for numerous applications within the urban space. Developed in partnership with Danish lighting designer Morten Lyhne for the city of Copenhagen, Thor combines minimal Scandinavian style with the very latest smart technology. The larger Thor L lantern is suitable for major urban roads, while the smaller Thor S is ideal for paths and residential streets. Thor features Thorn’s high-performance R-PEC® LED optic specially designed for road and street lighting. Depending on the area, the light distribution can be tailored to meet specific needs, offering full flexibility. Both sizes come in post-top, lateral and catenary mounted versions. To complete the family, Thor offers a variety of different bollards ideal for plazas, pathways or parks.

The wide choice of integrated control options such as power dimming and presence detection actively supports energy savings. Furthermore the polycarbonate material parts make it easy to upgrade or incorporate sensors and antennas to enable smart functions, at a later stage as well.

Christophe Leromain, Global Product Manager said: “Our cities are rapidly becoming more connected and more digital, enabling improved efficiency, safety and brand new services. But making the transition can be a complex process, and not all cities are ready to introduce smart technology right now. Alumet Stage II and Thor make it easy to leave the option of connectivity open, making installations ready for the future.”

Thorn is part of the Zumtobel Group.

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