New Universal Device Rings Increase Box Fill Volume by 95%, Versus Deep 4O Boxes!

For installers mounting light fixtures, exit signs, motion & occupancy sensors, and other devices that require 4” round octagon boxes… It can be tough (if not impossible) to meet NEC box fill requirements. Now – with Orbits patent-pending Universal 4” & 4-11/16” to 4O Ring – installers can break through the restraints of those old 4O boxes… And realize several other time, labor, and cost-saving advantages!

Orbit’s 540X Series features mounting key holes that fit any 4” or 4-11/16” square box. Its 4” octagon (3-1/2” O.C.) opening includes four device ears – a feature not found anywhere else in the industry. Device ears allow for DUAL-DIRECTION MOUNTING – meaning contractors can install 4O-compatible devices in any orientation! These 16-gauge steel rings are available in four trade sizes – 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/4” raised. 

The 540X Series offers several time, labor, and cost-saving advantages to the installer:

1. INCREASE BOX FILL VOLUME: Most 4” octagon boxes on the market only offer a max volume of 21.5 Cu. In. This can severely limit the number of allowable conductors and certain wire gauges (AWG) permitted by NEC table 314.16(a) – especially when multiple conduit fittings are installed. Luckily, Orbit’s 54OX Rings can fit 4-11/16” square boxes (which go up to 42 Cu. In.), thereby increasing available box fill volume by 95% or more!

2. REDUCE COMPLEXITY IN T-BAR CEILINGS: To mount 4O devices in drop ceiling spaces, contractors often used an adjustable t-grid box hanger with a 4O box. These hangers came with several loose pieces and were cumbersome to install. 4O boxes had to be flush with the ceiling tile, which called for repetitive measuring on every single installation. Luckily, Orbit’s 540X Rings come in trade sizes to match most common ceiling tile depths. When used in conjunction with Orbit’s Simple Support Bracket for T-Bar Ceilings (SSB-TBAR), installers can install 4O devices much faster than before, with very little measuring.

3. EASY TO ORDER: The most common, least expensive, and easiest-to-get steel boxes in a contractor’s arsenal are 4” square (followed by 4-11/16”) boxes. Many contractors can pull these boxes straight off their warehouse shelf. But that’s not always the case with 4O boxes. Now, purchasing agents may only need to buy 4S or 5S boxes for their entire job…  And just cover every 4O device with an Orbit 540X Series ring!

Orbit’s patent-pending Universal 4” & 4-11/16” to 4O Device Rings are rated for fixture / luminaire support of 50 lbs. or less; are UL Listed; and come in standard packages of 50 rings each.

To try-out Orbits 540X Series – along with a kit of boxes, brackets, and literature – please call (844) 909-0695, or log onto

 New Universal Device Rings Increase Box Fill Volume by 95%, Versus Deep 4O Boxes!

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