A New Way To Support Conduits On Roofs: Orbit’s Roof Coupling Plates

A New Way To Support Conduits On Roofs: Orbit’s Roof Coupling Plates

Powering electrical equipment on a rooftop frequently requires a messy network of raceways. For example, control panels for HVAC and electrical units often have to be installed on walls far from the parent units. This results in a whole system of conduits that need to be secured and- if in direct sunlight -derated in order to pass NEC Code. Not only does this take time, but it compromises the roof’s integrity and leaves it prime for inspectors to scrutinize.

These issues and more are solved with Orbit’s new Roof Coupling Plates! Consisting of a base plate and fused rigid coupling, these plates eliminate all conduit movement up to 5’ above and below the roof line when fastened to the roof surface. This enables installers to free-stand a control panel close to its parent unit with only one thru-roof penetration!

Using the Roof Coupling Plates, installers save a significant amount of material and labor cost by connecting systems below the roof line. Installers no longer have to lift heavy loads of conduit up onto roofs or perform NEC derating calculations again!

Finally, the RCP plates can even be used in place of firestop putty. If used between floors for electrical branch circuits, fire alarm and special system riser conduits, the plates eliminate the need for fire caulking putty and metal sleeves.

Orbit’s Roof Coupling Plates are available in a wide variety of conduit trade sizes from 1/2” up to 2”. They are useful in any type of roof construction for old or new work applications. ETL-Listed. In stock and ready to ship.

Eliminate the need for additional material and wasted time spent bracing roof conduits. Orbit’s Roof Coupling Plates are the ultimate solution for supporting conduit stubs on building roofs.

Orbit Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electrical products for the professional installer. Orbit products are UL or ETL-Listed and include: Steel Junction Boxes and Accessories, NEMA Enclosures, Weatherproof Products, Electrical Fittings and Elbows, Emergency/Exit Lighting, Photoelectric Controls, LED Lighting and more.

For more information, please visit Orbit’s website at http://www.orbitelectric.com/roof-coupling-plates.html.

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