Omni Cable Now Stocking General Cable’s Anaconda Mining Cables 

Omni Cable Now Stocking General Cable’s Anaconda Mining Cables  


Omni Cable, headquartered in West Chester, PA, has partnered with General Cable as an authorized distributor of their Anaconda® mining cables for customers west of the Mississippi River.

“We see a unique opportunity to provide our customers in the West access to a product line, that in the past, they might not have had access to. Our mining cable product mix will help increase our customers’ accessibility and turn-around time for critical items,” said Greg Donato, Omni Cable’s COO. “We are excited about the partnership and opportunity this product expansion will provide for Omni Cable and our customers,” he added.

“We are pleased to welcome Omni Cable as a distribution partner for the Anaconda family of products,” said Joe Williams, General Cable’s Vice President of Sales for Industrial and Specialty.  “We see Omni Cable as a reliable and dynamic long-term partner in the Western US mining market.”

Omni Cable is stocking the complete line of Anaconda mining cable products, including: Type W, Type G-GC, Type SHD-GC, and Type MP-GC, Mine Power Feeder Cable.

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