Orbit Boasts Healthy Stock of NEMA Enclosures, Despite Supply Chain Woes

Includes NEMA Type 1, Type 3R, and Residential Service Enclosures!

According to an article posted to ElectricalTrends.com: “The number one criteria influencing contractor decision-making today is access to inventory.”

The article goes on to surmise that inventory is much more important than “lowest price” in the current climate. Finally, lack of inventory is the number one reason contractors will choose another distributor if their needs are not met.

While less critical than circuit breaker and metering shortages, distributors are also seeing unexpected delays and long backorders for certain commodity items, like steel junction boxes and NEMA Enclosures.

Luckily, California-based Orbit Industries, Inc. (now in its 25th year serving the industry) put out an important call to the industry:

“We have a remarkably healthy stock of NEMA Enclosures, compared to many other suppliers.”

Specifically, Orbit stocks over 100 enclosure products on both coasts — ranging from 4” x 4” to 24” x 24”. All products are powder coated; include removable covers; and are sold with or without knockout patterns. Stocked items ship quickly, arriving to any location in the USA* in as little as 3 DAYS OR LESS.

Orbit’s NEMA Enclosure product line comes in three basic models:

NEMA TYPE 1:  Designed for indoor use, providing a degree of protection against falling dirt. Includes flat, removable covers that include screws, and feature key hole slots for quick removal.

NEMA TYPE 3R: Designed for outdoor use, providing a degree of protection against rain, sleet, and damage from external ice formation. Includes drip shield, and a hasp for pad locks (sold separate).

RESIDENTIAL SERVICE ENCLOSURES: Rugged metal enclosures designed to act as a demarcation point for telephone, internet, and cable television lines entering a residential building. Each enclosure features embossed labels (“TV”, “Phone”, “Communications”) for clear identification. Many West coast jurisdictions require such enclosures, which help to reduce exposed cabling on building exteriors.

In its efforts to provide an alternative source for building material, Orbit encourages contractors to reach out to their wholesale houses. Ask them to “Give Orbit A Try” whenever NEMA Enclosures are needed. In addition, Orbit can supply Steel Junction Boxes, Brackets, Fittings, Weatherproof Products, and even LED Lighting – and process these mixed orders in one clean P.O. – and one simple shipment.

To discuss an upcoming order, please log onto www.OrbitElectric.com.

*Contiguous United States, not including Hawaii, Alaska, or US Territories.

Orbit Boasts Healthy Stock of NEMA Enclosures, Despite Supply Chain Woes

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