Orbit Exclusive 12124-50 12” x 12” NEMA Enclosure – Offers up to Twenty 1/2″ Knockouts!

For electricians specifying large enclosures – from load center pull-boxes to “home runs” – Orbit’s exclusive 12124-50 can CUT INSTALLATION TIMES IN-HALF, versus previous methods.

12124-50 is a 12” x 12” x 4” NEMA Type 1 enclosure designed for indoor use. It features twenty 1/2″ knockouts on the sides (five per side); plus a 1″ to 1-1/4″ concentric K.O. on the back. Its rugged 16 gauge steel body and removable screw cover are powder coated with ANSI 61 gray finish – so there is no additional painting required.

As one operations manager from San Dimas, California reports: “We used the 12124-50 [as a pull box] with 110 lighting control [panels] for a job in Downtown Los Angeles. In the past we had to drill our own holes in the drill press… with the [12124-50] we cut the time in more than half with the provided K.O.’s.”

Orbit’s 12124-50 can also serve as a fast and versatile “home run” box in commercial applications, such as parking garages, corporate campuses, stadiums, and airports. With five, easy-to-punch K.O.s on each side, it can adapt to incoming MC cable or conduit from any direction – with room to connect added raceways in the future.

For overhead mounting of the 12124-50 (horizontal or vertical) pair with Orbit’s Made-In-USA Box and Conduit Hanger Support for 12” x 12” Boxes (BCHS-12). The BCHS-12 effectively supports the enclosure – along with multiple conduit runs – from just ONE threaded rod! BCHS-12 consists of an octagonal steel plate, with slots and holes on each side. These provisions allow the installer to attach many types of pipe hangers and 2-hole straps to support cable and conduit running to / from the box. Stamped rules on the plate make it easy to fasten enclosures with very little measuring.

For a faster installation on the job site, 12124-50 can be prefabricated off-site, in a controlled environment. Pre-punch knockouts; insert connectors; add ground bar; fasten 12124-50 to BCHS-12 plate or load center panel; and even pre-wire conductors and MC Cable “whips”.

Finally, for smaller “home run” boxes, Orbit offers its exclusive True 5” Square Steel Box. T5B-50/200 features eight 1/2″ K.O.’s — four 1/2″ to 3/4″ M.K.O.’s — and two 1” to 2” C.K.O.’s. Unlike 6” x 6” NEMA enclosures commonly used for “home runs” (which require manual punching of knockouts), T5B-50/200 K.O.’s are quick and easy to remove. T5B-50/200 can be attached direct-to-stud with Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support (UMA-LVBS). For overhead mounting, pair with Orbit’s BCHS-6S plate.

UMA-LVBS and BCHS Series are Patented and UL Listed.

To request evaluation sample of Orbits 12124-50, please call 1-844-909-0695, or log onto: www.OrbitElectric.com.

Orbit Exclusive 12124-50 12” x 12” NEMA Enclosure - Offers up to Twenty 1/2" Knockouts!

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