Orbit Industries Adds Power Wire Tails to its Electrical Junction Box Line

Orbit Industries Adds Power Wire Tails to its Electrical Junction Box Line

Orbit Industries, Inc. recently added Power Wire Tail accessories to its Junction Box product line. Orbits new stranded and solid Wire Tails consist of 8” long, pre-stripped #12AWG conductors, with painted jackets for an array of wiring applications. These Wire Tails were brought so installers would no longer have to cut and strip device conductors from reels of electrical wire.

 Orbit’s 8” Wire Tails can be used right out of the package, with no cutting or stripping of conductors needed. For easy identification of common circuits, Orbit offers Wire Tails in an array of jacket colors: Green, Black, White, Blue and Red.

Orbit Wire Tails are available in two core types: Stranded or Solid. Stranded Wire Tails (WTST-8 Series) are ideal when wire flexibility is key, and includes a #10 flanged fork on one end for clamping to device terminal screws. Solid Wire Tails (WTSO-8 Series) feature 5/8” of exposed conductor on both ends, and do not include a fork.

Connecting switches, receptacles, and fixtures on a congested worksite can slow down contractor progress. That’s why Orbit’s PROFAB division offers Wire Tail Services. The PROFAB team can install Wire Tails to the receptacles of choice, with push-in connectors that make device additions even easier on the job. PROFAB also offers a fully-wired service as well, which includes the offsite assembly of the Wire Tails, device, junction box, box cover and mounting bracket. A coil of MC Cable can also be fitted to these assemblies for easy routing on the job.

For installation on a jobsite or in the contractor’s fabrication shop, Orbit’s WTSO Series can be purchased in boxes of 50. 

To find your nearest distributor of Orbit Wire Tails, or to inquire about Wire Tail Services, please visit: www.orbitelectric.com

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