Orbit Industries Enters NECA 2019 Showstopper Competition with 4 Exclusive Products

Orbit Industries Enters NECA 2019 Showstopper Competition with 4 Exclusive Products

Orbit Industries, Inc. announces its return to the National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA) Convention this year. The manufacturer will unveil four new, exclusive products for the NECA Showstopper Competition. The NECA Showstopper Award is given to new products or services that help electrical contractors succeed on the job. Three Orbit products have received the Showstopper Award to-date.

The four products being unveiled at this year’s NECA Showstopper Showcase are:

 1: ANGLED MC CABLE BOX — For electricians that gave up on MC boxes, Orbit’s 4SDB-AMC-PT is the reason to come back! 4SDB-AMC-PT is the only MC cable box that attaches directly to a screw-gun bracket, thanks to a re-located ground screw. This 4” square, 2-1/8” deep junction box with internal metal clad (MC) cable clamps features 15° angled screws. The Angled MC Clamp screw allow installers to clamp down cable with the device ring attached (and prevent stripped screw heads). It is compatible with several Orbit brackets and adapters including the Drop-On-Bar Slider Bracket w/ Cable Support (BARB-CS); Universal Mounting Adapter with Back Support (UMA-LVBS); and Simple Support Bracket (SSB) families. 

2: BOX MOUNTED CABLE SUPPORT – the BMCS secures cable and conduit within 6” of the attached junction box, satisfying NEC 330.30 (B). This handy First Means of Support accessory fits 4”, 4-11/16” and even 5” outlet boxes. Unlike many cable managers, the BMCS attaches directly to a junction box, with just a single Tek screw. It can hold MC/AC cables and EMT/Rigid conduit. To fasten cable/conduit with straps, a horizontal line of pinholes provides a starting point for screws. Three sets of vertical, bendable metal forks in the BMCS’ center also act as cable support. Add a tool-less horizontal cable support with locking tab (BMCS-CJ6) to secure raceway even faster.

3: JUNCTION BOX WITH SLOTTED KNOCKOUTS — the 4SDB-MKO-SL is a 4″ Square, 2-1/8″ deep steel box that features exclusive slotted conduit knockouts. The slotted KO’s are easily removed with the twist of a flat-head screw driver. For New Work applications, the 4SDB-MKO-SL makes it easy for installers to terminate conduit AFTER the device is installed. For Old Work, installers can easily pry slotted knockouts from INSIDE the box. Prefabricate the 4SDB-MKO-SL off-site – with the mud ring, switch / outlet, and protective cover fastened – prior to installation on-site.

4: SIMPLE SUPPORT BRACKET WITH 5” SQUARE BOX — the SSB-T5 is the first telescoping bracket that fits 5” square boxes. Order this new addition to the Simple Support Bracket Family pre-assembled (item # SSB-T5B-200) with a Universal Adapter (UMA-LVBS) and True 5” Box (T5B-200) included. Bracket expands from 15” to 25”. Pair 4” adjustable rings with 5” boxes.

Orbit was awarded the Showstopper trophy for its Easy Access Lighting Box (EALBS) in 2014; its Height Adjustable Box Installation Template (HABIT) in 2017; and its Simple Support Bracket with T-bar Clips in 2018. Visit Orbit Industries Inc. and experience it’s “stud wall of innovation” at Booth No. 1335. Attendees can view new products (including the 4 mentioned above) at the Showstopper Showcase on Sunday September 15th , from 10:30 AM to 5 PM; Monday September 16th, from 10:30 AM to 4 PM; and Tuesday  September 17th, from 8 AM to 1PM. This year’s NECA convention will be at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It starts Sunday, September 15th and finishes Tuesday September 17th.

To inquire about the new products mentioned here, please call 1-844-909-0695, or visit: www.orbitelectric.com.

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