Orbit Industries’ New Drop Ceiling Box Mounting System

Orbit Industries’ New Drop Ceiling Box Mounting System

Orbit Industries gives installers and integrators a new way to mount boxes between drop ceiling grids.

The first component of this mounting system is Orbit’s new Simple Support Bracket with T-Bar Clips (SSB-TBAR). This telescoping box bracket adjust from 15” to 25” allowing it to span either side of a standard 2×2 tile – or the short side of a 2×4 tile. Steel clips at the ends of the SSB-TBAR allows for it to be dropped onto the ceiling grid channel without tools. The steel clips include holes to secure seismic wires. Finally, the SSB-TBAR is secured to the grid using a Tek Screw to comply with NEC 315.23 (d).

The second component of this mounting system is Orbit’s exclusive Universal Mounting Adjustable Fire Alarm Box. The FA-UMAB features a built-in adapter with guided slots. These slots permit the installer to adjust box depth from 0” to 1-1/2” via two outside screws. This adjustability ensures the box will be flush with ceiling tiles of any thickness. Installers may even adjust box depth after wiring life safety devices to the box.

The 4″ square metal junction box on the FA-UMAB has a bright red finish. The red finish eliminates time-consuming painting, and helps easily identify fire alarm circuits. The box is 3-1/2” deep, and will mount oversized life safety devices without the need for box extensions. The box also features 16 concentric KOs (1/2” and ¾”), for wire and cable terminations from every direction.

The FA-UMAB adapter clips onto the Simple Support Bracket without tools.  The installer can easily slide the FA-UMAB to the desired position along the bracket providing 6 directions of adjustability. The FA-UMAB remains clipped to the SSB-TBAR, even when adjusting the bracket’s length. This feature makes off-site prefabrication of the FA-UMAB and SSB-TBAR much easier than fixed bar hanger solutions.

Both the FA-UMAB and SSB-TBAR are UL Listed, so the system is easy to spec. Orbit Industries also offers prefabrication services. This service can save contractors 100% of the time it would take to assemble and prewire each device. Orbit can build and ship completed assemblies direct to the contractor’s job site.

For more information about Orbit Industries’ SSB-TBAR and FA-UMAB mounting system, call (844) 909-0695, or visit Orbit’s website at: www.orbitelectric.com.

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