Orbit Industries’ Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Box

Orbit Industries’ Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Box

Orbit Industries’ Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Box increases flexibility on service calls, simplifies the ordering process, and helps contractors greatly reduce their inventory costs. It’s also the only field-modifiable UL Listed weatherproof box in the industry. Available in 1-gang (1PB) and 2-gang (2PB) versions and White or Grey finish options, Orbit’s PB Series can replace up to 24 configurations of standard outdoor junction boxes.

This box is made of a non-conductive molded polymer plastic, preventing electrocution hazards due to inadvertent conductor contact. Modifiable Weatherproof Boxes do not include pre-formed conduit knockouts. Instead, the PB Series has drilling indicators etched on all four sides. Installers can drill any ½” or ¾” knockouts wherever they need for the particular job, giving them the greatest possible degree of freedom and flexibility.

1-gang models are 2-5/16” deep, with a volume of 22.5 Cu. In. 2-gang models are 2-9/16” deep, with a volume of 42.5 Cu. In. (8% larger than most 2G die cast models). These high-volume boxes provide ample room for wiring terminations and device spacing. This helps to decreases installation time and provides better environmental protection for the wiring components. The PB Series’ modifiable nature also increases flexibility when routing conductors and conduit to / from the box.

Each Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Box is packages with (2) ½” and (2) ¾” plastic locknuts. These single-thread nuts allow the installer to secure conduit sockets wherever needed on the box. Because the nuts are so thin, conduit can be nested together in close proximity. Two plastic mounting lugs are also included, which can be used to secure the cover plate and attach electrical components inside the box.

1-gang and 2-gang Plastic Blank Covers (PC) may be ordered separately from the box, and include stainless steel screws and integral gasket. This combination provides a dry, non-corrosive, and economical enclosure. The Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Box can also be fitted with most die cast or plastic weatherproof covers, such as flip-type outlet covers.

Orbit’s Plastic Modifiable Weatherproof Outlet Boxes and Covers are Made in the USA, Patented, and UL Listed for Damp or Wet Locations. To find your nearest distributor of Orbit Weatherproof Products, or to request a catalog, please call (844 ) 909-0695, or log onto www.orbitelectric.com

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