PHILADELPHIA, PA – Orbit Industries Inc.’s new Simple Support Bracket with T-Bar Mounting Clips (SSB-TBAR) was recognized in the National Electrical Contractor Association (NECA) Showstopper Awards as one of the most innovative products of the year at the 2018 NECA Convention.

The NECA Showstopper Award is given to new products or services that help electrical contractors succeed on the job. This is the first award for the SSB-TBAR, and the third Showstopper Award for the manufacturer.

The Simple Support Bracket telescopes from 15” to 25” in length, fitting the 2’ side of a drop-in ceiling grid. The SSB-TBAR’s steel mounting clips slide right into grid channel. Pre-drilled holes on each clip allow securement of the SSB-TBAR to the ceiling frame using Tek screws, helping satisfy NEC 314.23(D)(1) requirements. These mounting clips also include seismic wiring provisions, which help comply with many local building and fire codes.

Installers can attach a 4” or 4-11/16” square outlet box to the SSB-TBAR with Orbit’s Universal Mounting Adapter (UMA), which snaps onto the bracket rails without tools. This system makes mounting devices, exit signs, and some pendant lighting fixtures quick and easy.

However, life safety device installation is where the SSB-TBAR really shines! That’s where Orbit’s exclusive Universal Mounting Adjustable Fire Alarm Box comes in. The FA-UMAB combines an adapter with a 4” square, 3-1/2” extra deep box. The box is large enough to fit oversize devices like horn / strobes and speakers. Best of all, the FA-UMAB depth can be adjusted from flush to 1-1/2” raised depending on tile thickness.

The SSB-TBAR and FA-UMAB together saves installers a great deal of measuring and planning compared to ordinary T-grid box hangers. This system allows for 6-way adjustability: move the box side-to-side; move the bracket laterally along the tile; and move the box in or out to match ceiling tile thickness. All adjustments can be made prior to climbing the ladder, making fire alarm installation as easy as driving a screw and tying-off seismic wire. Both the SSB-TBAR and FA-UMAB are UL Listed and RoHS Compliant.

“Unveiling our new SSB-TBAR turned into an incredible success,” said David Nikayin, President of Orbit Industries and former electrical contractor. “These products really show their worth when in the hands of installers. Allowing contractors to handle the products, in person and at our booth, really revealed just the type of solutions Orbit provides.”

This is the third NECA Showstopper Award for Orbit Industries, Inc. It was awarded the Showstopper plaque for the Easy Access Lighting Box (EALBS) in 2014, and the Height Adjustable Box Installation Template (HABIT) in 2017.

In addition to the SSB-TBAR and FA-UMAB, Orbit Industries premiered other innovations at NECA 2018. Among them was PROFAB Engineered Electrical Systems, a completely new service arm of Orbit. This service helps contractors and their distributors shoulder some of the burden of managing electrical construction projects. PROFAB not only builds electrical assemblies to the EC specifications. It helps plan the systems for greater efficiency and safety.

To request literature or a sample of the Simple Support Bracket with T-Bar Mounting Clips, please call 844-909-0695 or visit www.OrbitElectric.com

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