Orbit Now Stocks Heavy Duty T-Grid Box Hangers – Rated up to 50 LBS!

Thanks to contractor demand, Orbit Industries, Inc. now carries Heavy Duty T-Grid Box Hangers. With the BHT-1HD and BHT-1HDEEP, installers now have an alternative source for this popular drop ceiling bracket design. These fixed length steel box hangers are UL Listed, and carry an ultimate static load of 50 lbs.

Heavy Duty T-Grid Box Hangers are a fast, easy way to suspend exit signs, devices, and lighting fixtures between drop ceiling grids. The BHT-1HD Series requires no tools to install, and capable of mounting several junction boxes with bottom knockouts. BHT-1HD is suitable for 2-1/8” and 1-1/2” deep boxes. BHT-1HDEEP includes extension brackets to accommodate up to 3-1/2” boxes.

Installing the BHT-1HD series is incredibly simple. First, snap in the spring steel box mounting clip (included) into the hanger’s center slot. Second, attach the junction box to the clip. Third, cut opening(s) in the ceiling tile and lay in place. Fourth, snap the hanger into grid channel so that the box sits flush with tile opening. For added stability, hangers can be screwed to the grid.

Most building codes will require T-grid mounted devices to have a branch line restraint. A drop wire (sold separate) can be attached to provisions on either the hanger or box clip for independent support.

Orbit’s BHT-1HD and BHT-1HDEEP are UL Listed, and rated for 50 lbs. ultimate static load.To request a sample of Orbit’s new BHT-1HDEEP, please visit: www.OrbitElectric.com.

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