Orbit Releases New Industrial Electrical Fittings Cross-Reference Brochure

Over 500+ Conduit Bodies, Cast Device Boxes, Liquid Tight, Rigid Fittings, & More…

Hot off the presses! Orbit Industries’ Industrial Fittings Cross Reference guide features over 500 of the most commonly-used fittings in the industrial sector. This full-color, 6-page tri-fold pamphlet includes a convenient product cross-reference to three other leading suppliers – helping contractors (and their distributors) value-engineer their bill of material (B.O.M.).

Orbit’s Industrial Fittings Cross Reference was designed to be a useful tool for electrical contractors servicing manufacturers, bulk distribution warehouses, data centers, flex buildings, and other industrial properties. It also meets a crucial need in the current market:

“Supply chain [disruption], rising material costs, and [manufacturer] mergers are truly shaking up the electrical business,” said Orbit founder and president, David Nikayin. “While we [Orbit] are not immune to these disruptions, our [relatively] healthy inventory of fittings has saved dozens of customers from having to back-order crucial material for their jobs.”

Nikayin continued, “the [Industrial Fittings] Cross Reference is a ‘gateway’ for customers to consider Orbit [when value engineering industrial B.O.M.’s].”

Some of the products included in the Industrial Fittings Cross Reference pamphlet include:

CAST DEVICE BOXES: 2” and 2-7/10” deep malleable iron junction boxes that take 1/2” to 1” threaded Rigid / IMC conduit; in dead-end and feed-thru configurations. Also includes a variety of blank, switch & receptacle covers in malleable iron and steel.

INDUSTRIAL CONDUIT BODIES: available in “LB”, “LL”, “LR”, “C” and “T” configurations, from 1/2” to 4” trade sizes. Aside from common aluminum and malleable iron conduit bodies, Orbit also carries Form 7 and Form 8 bodies, made of class 30 gray iron alloy. Form 7 and Form 8 Conduit Bodies offer greater internal volume vs. malleable iron conduit bodies of the same trade size; and feature user-friendly covers (in gray iron and steel).

RIGID CONNECTORS & COUPLINGS: a full line of steel and malleable iron conduit fittings, from 1/2” to 4” trade sizes. Includes set-screw and compression-style; rain-tight and concrete-tight; as well as watertight hubs and bushings with grounding lugs.

LIQUID TIGHT CONNECTORS: available in plastic, zinc die-cast, and malleable iron connectors from 3/8” to 4” trade sizes. Includes straight, 45°, and 90° angles. Select models include aluminum lay-in lugs for installations that require external bonding jumpers.

To download Orbit’s Industrial Fittings Cross Reference pamphlet (item # ORBPAM-9), log onto https://www.orbitelectric.com/docs/literatures/catalogs/industrial_fittings_brochure.pdf.

To order hard-copies of the pamphlet, call 844-909-0695, order through www.orbitelectric.com.

Orbit Releases New Industrial Electrical Fittings Cross-Reference Brochure

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