Pfannenberg Highlights PF Series Filterfans 4.0

Pfannenberg Highlights PF Series Filterfans 4.0

Pfannenberg, a global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, highlights the unique PF Series Filterfans 4.0™, which provide an unrivaled airflow, guarantee Nema Type 12 protection and boasts a 300% longer lifetime than conventional filters.

Filterfans 4.0™ reach a particularly high airflow and provide an IP 54, Type 12 system of protection with flow optimized fins and rotor blades. The Filterfans 4.0™ contain 11 field-proven patented features, including a patented 4-corner fastening system that allows the filter medium to be replaced in seconds. The fluted filter mat’s folded structure facilitates exceptional airflow, while the closed frame design prevents unfiltered air from penetrating the cabinet.

Originally invented in 1958 by Otto Pfannenberg, Filterfans 4.0™ represent over fifty years of experience and development. Options now include NEMA Type 3R/4/4X / IPx6 Washdown Rainhoods, UV Protected Plastic for use in direct sunlight, EMC shielding to attenuate RF signals and exhausting fans for custom applications. The flat-profile and uni-colored design of Filterfans 4.0™ complement modern machines and plants.

Pfannenberg offers eight Filterfans 4.0™ types: PF 11000 (up to 17 CFM), PF 22000 (up to 38 CFM), PF 32000 (up to 65 CFM), PF 42500 (up to 94 CFM), PF 43000 (up to 15 CFM), PF 65000 (up to 297 CFM), PF 66000 (up to 462 CFM), and PF 67000 (up to 560 CFM). Filterfans 4.0™ are ERP compliant to meet European efficiency directives.

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