Rack-A-Tiers Launches The Ferret – Cable Pulling & Fishing Tool

Continuing with the tradition of providing electricians with innovative and unique tools,
Rack-A-Tiers is excited to bring the The Ferret Cable Pulling and Fishing Tool to the US market
from Australia. It’s unlike any fish tape.
Every inch of The Ferret was designed to outperform traditional fish tapes. Never waste
time fighting against obstacles and tight spaces again. The Ferret’s rigid-yet-flexible construction
means you can finish the run faster and with minimal effort. No more going off course, getting
stuck, or kinking – The Ferret is the solution to all these problems.
The Ferret’s features: Guide wheel: The head of The Ferret has a unique guide wheel that
allows it to easily glide over obstacles and obstructions. Attachable Steel Hook: A steel hook
can be attached to the tail of The Ferret. This hook makes it easy to grab cables in tight, awkward
spaces. Rigid: The Ferret is more rigid than most fish tapes so you can be sure it is always going
in the direction you want. No distorting or bending, just smooth cable pulling. Durable: The
Ferret is made of high-quality fiberglass-reinforced polymer. The head and tail are made of high-
performance polymer to provide flex fatigue resistance, reflective memory, and chemical and
impact resistance. Available in 2 lengths: 4m (13 feet) & 8m (26 feet).
Fish tape is one of the tools most associated with electrical work. Whether the job is
residential, commercial, or industrial, every electrician finds themselves pulling and fishing wire
at some point. Rack-A-Tiers takes these tools very seriously and only carries the best of the best.
Rack-A-Tiers Manufacturing originated in 1995 with just one tool, a tri-fold brochure,
and a home office above the garage. Over the last 27 years, Rack-A-Tiers has grown to become a
multinational corporation with over 1,000 products including tools, fasteners, pop-up boxes,
power monitors and many more categories related to the electrical industry and beyond.
For more information, please visit: https://rack-a-tiers.com.

Rack-A-Tiers Launches The Ferret - Cable Pulling & Fishing Tool

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