RACO Introduces Open Center Brackets for Electrical Boxes

RACO Introduces Open Center Brackets for Electrical Boxes



RACO introduces two new Open Center Brackets for electrical boxes. These patent-pending additions to the bracket line provide new options for positioning boxes in new construction. RACO, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to commercial and residential markets.

RACO’s new lightweight bracket design positions electrical boxes, plaster rings or low voltage devices between studs. Bracket features a large opening that allows either 4in or 4-11/16in boxes to be mounted anywhere within the space. The design saves time during installation by allowing boxes to be mounted without a raised cover, providing maximum work area inside. The unique built-in “first means of support” helps secure MC cable that will be inserted into boxes mounted to the bracket. A built-in ruler on the bracket aides in aligning boxes.

Made of galvanized steel, RACO Open Center brackets are perfect for commercial construction. These new brackets provide maximum flexibility for installers. Two UL Listed models are available, 9016R for 16in stud spacing and 9024R for 24in stud spacing. They can be used on wood or metal studs that are 2-1/2in to 3-1/2in deep.

Availability of RACO Open Center Brackets begins during 4Q18. Find more information at: www.hubbell.com.




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