Renting Tools and Equipment can Increase Profits for Your Business – Walters has the Tools You Need!

In this highly competitive marketplace, companies are looking for new ways to increase profits by making their businesses more efficient. Instead of tying up capital in owning equipment, it may make more sense to rent specialized tools and equipment for each job as needed. Not only can the rental fee be billed as a cost of the job, but renting can save a company costs associated with transporting heavy equipment to a job site, maintenance and repair, as well as storage of equipment when not in use. Ownership of expensive equipment usually entails insurance, which is another expense that can be cut by renting. Companies can gain a competitive edge by adding services that need specialized equipment, and by having the ability to bid on bigger jobs that may need tools and equipment they don’t own.

Did you know that the wholesale supplier you trust, can also deliver any rental tools and equipment you need, to your job site along with your materials? Walters Wholesale Electric can provide top-of-the-line tools of the highest quality so that you can do your job right the first time! Walters can provide equipment and accessories for all types of jobs—electrical, concrete, construction, pulling, and crimping. When you have the right tools, you can get the professional results you want with less effort.   

With a dedicated team of customer service and industry experts, Walters can help keep projects on-time and on-budget. Walters’ inventory of small and large rental equipment includes, but is not limited to: Cable Feeders, Cable Grips, Jack Stands, Coring Drills, Jackhammers, Pipe Benders, KO Punches, Cable Cutters, Pipe Threaders, Wet Concrete Saws, Hydraulic Crimpers, Underground Circuit Tracers, and more!

Are you ready to rent tools or equipment for your upcoming project? Rental tools are available for same-day pickup from the Brea Central Distribution center, or for next-day delivery to your job site or your local Walters branch. Find out more at or call (714) 784-1975.

Renting Tools and Equipment can Increase Profits for Your Business - Walters has the Tools You Need!

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