Retrolux Announces Avi-On as the Lighting Control Solution

PARK CITY, UTAH: Avi-on Labs, Inc. and Retrolux are pleased to announce the full integration of Avi-on lighting controls into the Retrolux quoting and design platform for commercial lighting. Avi-on is the first and to date, the only controls solution offered by Retrolux. 

“Retrolux has spent over six months seamlessly integrating Avi-on controls into their platform. This integration allows ESCO’s, agents, and distributors to significantly simplify bidding, sourcing, and installation of lighting retrofit projects. With many common partners and customers, this was a natural relationship and we are excited to be part of it,”  said Eric Miller, CEO of Avi-on.

“Retrolux is excited to partner with Avi-on to bring value to our customers through integrated control design tools, instant product information, pricing, and best in class support. Avi-on made it possible to integrate controls into lighting quotes with ease and simplicity we have not found anywhere else,” said Leif Elgethun, President and CEO of Retrolux. “This alliance enables partners to quote, install, and close Avi-on solutions independently, and close more deals with less energy using Retrolux for the audit, proposal, commissioning, and rebate processes.”

The partnership between Avi-on and Retrolux enables industry contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, and building owners to utilize Retrolux’s audit and proposal software to quickly integrate Avi-on’s controls into project estimations, energy savings proposals, and energy audits. Avi-on lighting controls provide ESCOs, agents, and distributors with flexible, easy to install lighting controls that maximize utility rebates and energy savings. Avi-on’s simplicity of installation is a game-changer, especially for large retrofit projects seeking minimal interruptions to existing operations.

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Retrolux Announces Avi-On as the Lighting Control Solution

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