Rosendin Develops Multimedia Strategy to Recruit College Students

SAN JOSE, CA – Despite the challenging job market, Rosendin, the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contracting company, will be recruiting top talent at colleges and universities across the country this fall. The company committed to participate in 30 virtual hiring fairs in September and October and created a multimedia portfolio to attract students, share its innovative culture, and make personal connections with prospective employees.

To help students prepare for meetings with recruiters, Rosendin’s Human Resources Department will share the company’s story through curated videos, flipbooks, and live events, many of which will be available in advance of the hiring fairs. Video topics include high-profile projects, technology solutions such as virtual reality/augmented reality, COVID-19 safety innovations, women in the construction industry, diversity in hiring, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Students interested in pursuing a career at Rosendin can upload resumes and schedule video meetings with representatives from human resources and operations, as well as Rosendin alumni and interns. Rosendin will also provide a live video stream during hiring fairs to showcase job sites and share additional stories, when possible. 

“Top graduates get to pick where they want to start their careers, so we want them to see a complete picture of how rewarding it is to work with an innovative company that is leading the industry in building our nation’s critical infrastructure,” said Julie Moss, Director of Human Resources at Rosendin. “Creating this multimedia strategy on several digital platforms such as Handshake, Doxie, and Simplicity has been time-consuming, but it is worth it to attract the brightest young minds.”

Rosendin is a 101-year old company with over 6,500 employees working out of 17 regional offices that design and build commercial and industrial projects in renewable energy, technology, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, and other sectors. The company also develops construction technology solutions in computer modeling, proprietary software add-ons, and virtual reality/augmented reality training modules.

“At Rosendin, we value every one of our employees and welcome anyone who wants to grow with us and be an essential part of our shared success,” said Mike Greenawalt, CEO at Rosendin. “As an employee-owned company, our core value of “We Care” has never been more critical as we refocus our commitment to racial equality, equitable distribution of wealth, and growth opportunities for current and future employees.”

Rosendin is also recruiting for their highly selective 2021 summer internship program, one of the most coveted in the nation for students studying project management, electrical engineering, construction, computer modeling, and other career paths. Rosendin accepts no more than 100 applicants each year to receive comprehensive hands-on experience in their field of study.

As an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic, Rosendin places worker safety among its highest priorities, so adapting to the virtual career fairs was an easy choice. The company continues to seek out new protocols to protect workers during the pandemic, following recommendations from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health department guidelines. To see the company’s COVID-19 policies, visit

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