Rosendin Supports International Data Center Day

Data center construction and electrical contractor helps educate and inspire with online content

SAN JOSE, CA – Rosendin is proud to partner with 7×24 Exchange International as the premier sponsor of this year’s International Data Center Day. This annual event raises awareness about the importance of data centers in today’s interconnected world and inspires the next generation of data center builders and operators.

Leading up to this year’s celebration on March 24 and throughout the month, Rosendin is launching a series of short videos talking about the roles and people needed for the important work of building data centers. The intent is to raise awareness of 7X24’s source of instructional materials for classes and education at home.

“Rosendin is proud to work with industry partners to inspire young people to learn about how a STEM-focused education can prepare them for a successful career in this important industry,” said Angela Rundle, Rosendin Division Manager. “Many high school students don’t realize that their digital content is stored and conveniently retrieved from data centers. Once they understand the critical role data centers play in our daily lives, they can better see how their skills can fit into this industry.”

A vital part of 21st-century life, data centers house computer systems, telecommunications, and digital information supporting everything from online learning to sensitive military operations, video games, stock trades, bank transactions, health records, social media posts, and much more. Today the digital infrastructure needed to support this data includes more than 4,000 data centers worldwide operating 24 hours a day, year-round and requiring a constant power supply.

Rosendin is a leading design-build electrical construction company developing secure, energy-efficient data centers with reliable electrical power and communications solutions. Rosendin’s $4B portfolio of work to date includes complex mission critical data center facilities for some of the largest high-tech, social media and co-location corporations in the United States.

Rosendin is highlighting insights and perspectives from data center teams throughout the month to encourage students of all ages to learn about the important role of data center construction and highlight career opportunities for young adults. Rosendin’s videos are available at: and

Rosendin Supports International Data Center Day

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