RPS America Introduces Three-Phase UPS for 65-500 kVA Applications

RPS America Introduces Three-Phase UPS for 65-500 kVA Applications


RPS America, Inc. introduces the Master HP UL, a three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for mission critical 65-500 kVA applications.  This UL® listed UPS is manufactured entirely with IGBT and digital signal processing and features online double-conversion technology for maximum power supply protection and power quality with a clean sine wave output.  These 480 VAC, 60-Hz units ensure maximum protection and meet VFI SS 111 classification (voltage and frequency independent) in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3.  Master HP UL units can be operated in parallel or single module configuration for redundancy, making them ideal for a wide range of mission-critical applications such as data centers, manufacturing facilities, automation, broadcast environments, critical communications and telecommunications, hospitals/medical facilities, schools, as well as industrial and commercial facilities where a high level of available power and power quality are essential.

They feature galvanic isolated output which guarantees a quality power supply that is protected from electrical anomalies of the input.   With an IGBT-based rectifier, the Master HP UL is a Zero Impact Source.  This eliminates problems associated with installation in networks with limited power capacity, where the UPS is supplied by a generator set, or in situations where connected loads generate current harmonics.  Master HP UL has zero impact on the power supply source whether it is main grid or gen-set.  The IGBT rectifier also enables a high input power factor of .99 and low current distortion of less than 3%, as well as power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up.  Start-up delay function, to restart the rectifier when the main power is restored (if there are several UPS in the system) is built into each Master HP UL.

An output isolation transformer ensures the galvanic isolation of the protected load towards the battery and improved versatility in system configuration.  This allows two separate network inputs (main and emergency) from two different power sources.   The Master HP UL is particularly well suited to parallel systems to ensure selectivity between the two sources, thus improving the reliability of the entire installation.

Master HP UL UPS products are manufactured by Riello UPS, a leading manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and among the top four manufacturers worldwide.  In addition to wholly owned RPS America, their North American headquarters near Cincinnati, the company has factory locations near Milano and Verona (Italy) which house Research & Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, and Production and Shipping/Logistics.  Additionally, they have subsidiary companies in Germany, England, France, Spain, Romania, Poland, China, India, Singapore and Australia for true worldwide support.   Riello UPS is firmly committed to centralized manufacturing for its three-phase UPS products, citing full control of all stages of production as the major advantage.  For additional information visit them online at: www.rielloupsamerica.com.

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