SANUS TV Media In-Wall Boxes Now Shipping

SANUS recently announced that its new TV Media In-Wall Boxes are now available. The solution is designed to provide integrators with a convenient, clean way to conceal and organize media and power devices in the wall behind a display. Available in 9-inch (SA-IWB9-W1 and SA-IWB9KIT-W1, includes power supply) and 17-inch (SA-IWB17-W1) form factors, the enclosure can store streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV; network switches; and more.

“It can be a time-consuming challenge for installers to fit the increasing number of small devices needed behind the TV,” said James Rutherford, product manager at Legrand | AV. “Our TV Media In-Wall Boxes ingeniously leverage the unused wall space behind the TV to provide two layers of rack space for small devices and cables. The mounting plate with 1.5 inches of elevation adds a second layer of storage and accommodates larger devices such as network switches and wireless routers. It’s also a great alternative to storing them in a shelf or cabinet, seamlessly finishing off spaces with all the necessary components stored properly and out of sight.”

The SANUS TV In-Wall Media Box installs in three simple and easy steps. It fits between standard studs, and if installing into drywall, the included cutting template allows integrators to ensure the perfect placement. Available in 9-inch and 17-inch models, they include knockouts for the ability to bring power directly into the box (requires electrical connections). The SA-IWB9KIT 9-inch TV Media Box adds a power supply kit for a complete solution to provide power to devices (requires electrical connections). The 17-inch solution is also compatible with the popular 4K and 8K Samsung One-Connect Box, while its split cover was designed for use with split-rail TV mounts.

Each box is constructed of WiFi transparent material to manage wireless components and they also include cable knockouts to help organize and manage cables. Each kit comes with the box, trim ring for a clean install, cover, hook and loop strap, extra mounting plate, complete instructions, and cutting template.

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SANUS TV Media In-Wall Boxes Now Shipping

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