Satco Products, Inc. Expands its Strategic Partnership with Tuya Smart

BRENTWOOD, NY — SATCO Products, Inc. announces their partnership with Tuya Smart, a global IoT cloud platform. The newly expanded partnership will feature the Powered by Tuya badge on SATCO’s STARFISH™ smart lighting brand which enables interoperability of STARFISH smart products with other brands Powered by Tuya. SATCO’s long-term consumer loyalty and extensive sales distribution network brings great opportunity for rapid brand awareness for the Powered by Tuya ecosystem via SATCO’s STARFISH smart products. 

The STARFISH brand leverages SATCO’S unique lighting know-how and experience to offer smart Wi-Fi enabled lighting products that bring convenience, security, wellness, atmosphere, and connection to the home. Each STARFISH product features an integrated Tuya Wi-Fi module. User control is accessible through mobile devices, voice assistants and Samsung SmartThings®. These smart devices when used in conjunction with the free STARFISH app, enable total home integration with other Powered by Tuya products via the secure and encrypted cloud-based platform.

This new alignment opens up STARFISH to a world of connected devices powered by Tuya’s smart technology, expanding the in-home connectivity of STARFISH products to possibilities beyond the lighting world. SATCO joins this ecosystem with other industry-leading partners, expanding SATCO’s STARFISH products into a larger community of connected devices.

“This is an exciting opportunity, which brings quality systems together under one global umbrella. Tuya Smart has been a critical partner in the creation of the STARFISH brand, and we look forward to our continued development of revolutionary products and technologies together,” said Brian Brandes, SVP of Product Development and Marketing, SATCO.

SATCO Products, Inc., established in 1966, is a privately held New York based company that offers a wide variety of lighting products to an international lighting and electrical market. For more information on SATCO, visit:

Satco Products, Inc. Expands its Strategic Partnership with Tuya Smart

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