Schneider Electric Introduces Arc Flash Isolation Design in Motor Control Centers

Schneider Electric Introduces Arc Flash Isolation Design in Motor Control Centers

Arc Flash event prevention is of primary interest to the electrical industry as these events can lead to catastrophic results and equipment damage and serious physical injury to electrical workers.  As a leader in arc flash mitigation, Schneider Electric introduces its new patented ArcBlokTM technology in the Square DTM Brand Model 6 Motor Control Center (MCC).  This innovative design is a gamechanger in equipment protection and safety-related work practices.

Despite the advancement in standards such as NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) and industry efforts to establish safety-related work practices, these methods have limited effectiveness.  Schneider Electric took on the challenge to create a new equipment design that is not just a barrier to arc flash events but helps to prevent arc flash causes from originating, extinguishing and containing the arc energy if they would occur.

As a leader in arc flash mitigation Schneider Electric designed ArcBlok technology from the ground up.  Assessing the hazards, we tested unique designs to create a passive arc flash mitigation system that can contain the line side arc flash event at the equipment’s maximum rated level.  They have created a newly designed main Motor Control Center section, which reinforces the structure. For the end-user, the equipment’s simplicity of design, proven Square D equipment reliability and innovation from Schneider Electric is the perfect solution to help protect their employees and MCC line-up.

They also added thermal sensors allowing temperature monitoring in your mobile device while standing outside the arc flash boundary.  Take temperature readings faster and without the discomfort of PPE normally required for infrared thermography. Using Zigbee communication protocols, you can monitor main breaker operating temperatures on your wireless device

This robust unit can now be specified for new installations or retrofit as a new main section as a part of a modernization project to add protection to your existing MCC installation.

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