Schneider Electric’s Family of Power and Energy Meters Are Now Backed by a Five-Year Warranty

Schneider Electric’s Family of Power and Energy Meters Are Now Backed by a Five-Year Warranty


Schneider Electric announced that its entire line of power and energy meters including PowerLogic™ and ION are now backed by a five-year warranty in the U.S. The PowerLogic ION series meters improve operations with enhanced flexibility, modularity and compatibility, and best-in-class communications capabilities. As compact, cost-effective power meters, PowerLogic and ION meters ensure the reliability and efficiency needed for facilities.

The standard five-year warranty on meters can be extended anywhere from six to 10 years at an additional cost. With the purchase of a premium or greater support contract annually, the warranty is extended to 10 years at no additional charge.

PowerLogic and ION meters enhance operations with: Comprehensive data monitoring of electric, gas, water and steam; 100% web-enablement, delivering real-time data; Advanced reporting, analysis, alarms and integration capabilities; Flexible, modular and interoperable system architecture; Powerful communications, expanded memory and faster processing speeds; Enhanced ease of use, making specification, purchasing and installation process more efficient.

The Schneider Electric family of meters includes an extensive portfolio of metering hardware with entry-level to advanced capabilities. This family of meters delivers superior performance, accuracy and reliability, helping users innovate at every level to improve their energy performance. The meters measure, collect and deliver essential data across an entire enterprise, helping to manage power networks and build out complete energy management systems.

User-friendly software like EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert and PowerSCADA integrate seamlessly with building management systems and meters to provide intelligent power and energy analytics. Schneider Electric’s scalable and flexible solutions fit power and energy management needs for any application. Metering hardware includes single, multi-circuit and revenue-grade meters, energy servers and gateways, and factory assembled and custom enclosures.

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