Schneider Electric’s Next Generation PowerPacT Circuit Breaker Wins Showstopper Award at NECA Nashville 2021

Schneider Electric has won the NECA Showstopper Award following the unveiling of its new and improved PowerPacT™ Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) series at the 2021 NECA Convention Nashville.

The annual Showstopper Showcase at the NECA Convention and Trade Show highlights products and services recently introduced to the market. Judged and announced live at the event, a panel of experts explores the entries and determines the winners based on a variety of factors. The Showcase features new products, from small manufacturers to large corporations, designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity and successes for electrical contractors.

Selected from a diverse range of innovative new products, Schneider Electric’s PowerPacT circuit breaker offers an improved circuit breaker solution for the future. The intelligent and reliable multi-standard compliant range of molded case circuit breakers enable customers to increase operational efficiency and deliver unrivaled reliability to power tomorrow. The updated PowerPacT MCCB boasts new and improved features like:

Visi-Trip™ LED breaker locator: Provides a visual alert to indicate when a breaker needs to be inspected, improving troubleshooting time and helping customers identify trip causes faster with the industry’s only LED locator in an MCCB; Updated front cover design: Incorporates new product brand signature and product QR codes into an easy-to-read front cover design with all connectivity features; Semi-transparent breaker: Enables increased visibility for customers to know what accessories breakers are equipped with, simplifying the retrofitting process; Zigbee wireless technology: Coming soon, Zigbee is an optional wireless technology that eliminates the need to hard-wire connections, saving customers time and improving productivity with real-time remote notifications.

“Winning the 2021 NECA Showstopper Award is great recognition of the work Schneider Electric is doing to drive the future of electrical distribution with new innovations. We listened to the challenges our customers were facing, aiming to bring solutions that alleviate their key pain points,” said Rohan Kelkar, Executive Vice President for Global Power Products at Schneider Electric. “PowerPacT is transforming the way contractors and customers have traditionally responded to issues, like tripped breakers and faulty devices, with increased technology and visibility into circuit breaker operations. Visi-Trip, our industry-exclusive LED breaker locator, is just one way we’re delivering on that ambition”.

The new generation of PowerPacT circuit breakers brings innovative technology designed to meet the needs of Schneider Electric’s customers, offering an improved solution for today and the future.

To learn more about the next generation series of PowerPacT circuit breakers, visit:

Schneider Electric’s Next Generation PowerPacT Circuit Breaker Wins Showstopper Award at NECA Nashville 2021

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