Sengled Announces Breakout Into Commercial Lighting at LIGHTFAIR International Philadelphia 2017


Sengled Announces Breakout Into Commercial Lighting at LIGHTFAIR International Philadelphia 2017


Philadelphia, May 04, 2017 – Sengled, makers of intelligent lighting products that integrate consumer electronics with energy efficient LED light bulbs, announced today that they unveiled new commercial lamp products to accompany their smart lighting portfolio at this year’s LIGHTFAIR International in Philadelphia, 2017

Sengled’s flagship commercial series, Designer Pro, offers a line of high-end LED lamps with superior color rendering of CRI 90 or above and efficacies of 70-85 LPW. The Designer Pro line is designed for environments where accurate color rending is critical, like retail, restaurants and museums. The line includes PLV, PLH, BR40, BR30, R20, PAR38, PAR30, PAR20, T8, and MR16 LED lamps that all come in a variety of beam angles. T8 with Battery Backup offers 90 minutes of backup light at 600-700 lumens when power is lost. PAR30 and PAR38 lamps replace 39w and 70w CMH lamps.


The Ascend Series offers strict LED binning for consistent CCTs across all lamps and exceptional efficacy 76 LPW in warm white. They are all ROHS compliant with no lead or mercury and are available in A19 and BR30, at 2700K or 5000K.


Sengled has introduced a range of smart lighting products over the last couple years that bring entertainment, security and convenience to the consumer market. The company will now offer the same technology to commercial settings, including smart, app-controlled light bulbs like Snap, Pulse and Element. Snap is a HD security camera inside an LED floodlight, Pulse is a JBL Bluetooth speaker inside a BR30 LED bulb and Element offers a complete Zigbee smart lighting family compatible with popular smart hubs like Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings.


Feature bulbs Smartsense, Twilight and Lifetrack offer even more simplified convenience, with an additional function beyond a standard LED light bulb, with no need for smart device control. Smartsense is a motion-activated floodlight, Twilight is a 15-second delay off bulb for easy navigation through a dark room and Lifetrack shows the lifespan of the bulb on a digital display, guaranteeing a minimum of 25,000 hours or your money back.


“Sengled has always been a leader in providing high quality and performance lighting.  Our motto this year at Lightfair is Innovation Beyond Lighting.  We demonstrated the convergence of lighting and big data via vision analytics for retail and security applications.  In other words, we are helping end customers with both top line growth by measuring consumer behavior while still providing energy efficient lighting for the fastest ROI.” said Alex Ruan, General Manager of Sengled North America.


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