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Service Electric Supply Capitalizes on Inventory Accuracy with a Personal Touch

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MI – Southeast Michigan’s Service Electric Supply, Inc. has selected Savance Enterprise’s ERP platform for next-generation growth.  The electrical supplier migrated from Array in an effort to gain better insight into inventory management and reporting while upholding their values as a leading service provider to their client base.

President and CEO Eric Braidwood explains “Our goal was to find a solution with an architecture that could be expanded. Our old system just did not provide the flexibility we required, which hindered both future operations and growth.”

All that changed when the electrical distributor was introduced to Savance Enterprise’s forward-thinking ERP. The software distribution platform has been gaining traction with electrical distributors by catering to what they do best: customer support. “We know that in today’s market, you can’t lose track of your most valuable assets – your customers. While so many other software companies are automating customer support, we are simply picking up the phone and providing them the attention they deserve,” says Savance’s Vice President Jason Plasencia.

In fact, it was Savance’s commitment to customer service that persuaded Service Electric Supply to make the software move. Braidwood says that is where “bigger software companies are simply not as attractive.”

“When you decide to make a huge change such as undertaking a new software solution, you need to know the company you selected will be there if you hit bumps in the road,” explains Braidwood. “With Savance, we were able to simply pick up the phone and talk to someone.”

It is that same type of accessibility that helped streamline the transition process, enabling Service Electrical Supply to get to the data they previously lacked. “When we made the switch, it was like a light went on.  Suddenly, we had real-time data and were able to see areas of our business we did not have the insight into for years. Now that we do, we can make decisions, act faster, and simply get ahead of what our customers demand,” says Braidwood. “Reorder points and reorder quantities were static [with our previous system]. Now, we can see when trends change and when purchase patterns change. The system is already factoring that in so we can get better and more accurate standard fill rates,”

Savance’s Windows- and web-based technology is available on-premise or in the cloud, making it the right fit for the way you do business. “Part of that means providing an end-to-end solution without the need for additional modules, product add-ons, or supplemental fees,” Plasencia explains. Braidwood agrees by stating “There is just a lot of functionality for the dollar spent with this ERP Software.”

Looking toward the future, the team at Service Electric Supply is confident their accurate inventory management will strengthen even more customer relationships. “Manufacturers are not just rating us on how much we buy from them, but also on how easy we are as a customer to do business with, and I think Savance Enterprise has really helped with that,” says Braidwood.     For more information on Savance Enterprise’s all-in-one solution for electrical distributors, visit

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