SloanLED Launches Cold Deck FIT

SloanLED Launches Cold Deck FIT


SloanLED announces the launch of Cold Deck FIT LED lighting system for multi-deck merchandisers. Cold Deck FIT optimizes the visual appeal of produce, meat, and dairy cases, while dramatically lowering operating costs, energy consumption, and extending shelf life of perishables through reduced heat output.

Cold Deck FIT saves up to 77% in energy costs over a typical fluorescent lamp.

“FIT” stands for food illumination technology, and Cold Deck FIT is fully equipped to brighten produce, meat, and dairy products. It’s available in four color temperatures: 2700 K, 3500 K, 4000 K, and PRIME.

SloanLED’s PRIME meat-tuned chip utilizes LumiLED FreshFocus Technology™ to maximize the visual appeal and color of meat. This state of the art LED chip brings out the deep, rich reds, and subtle pinks of red meat, while maintaining the crisp whites of marbling.

Cold Deck FIT is IP68 rated, offers dimming and two occupancy sensors, and is efficient enough to light a full 12-foot merchandiser with a single 100 W power supply.

SloanLED offers a number of cutting edge refrigerated display LED lighting solutions, combining efficiency, performance, and value for merchandising that build a brilliant shopping experience and brighter bottom line.

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